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About Us

Strip Clubs Barcelona provide unbeatable, all-inclusive packages that include completely complimentary VIP hotel pick up, free admission and complimentary VIP return rides to the most popular strip clubs in Barcelona. There is no catch. Your only commitment when choosing our service is to purchase 2 drinks at whichever Barcelona’s strip club you choose. This will save you an average of  €50 per person just on entry fees alone! Strip Clubs Barcelona has helped thousands of people just like you enjoy a hassle-free night out on the Town.

We Guarantee that the deals offered here on www.stripclubsbcn.com are unbeatable and we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate Barcelona’s strip club experience. Strip Clubs Barcelona provides access to: Bacarra,Bagdad,Blue Night,Darling,Doll House,Divas,Pussy cat,Viladomat 208.These are the most popular strip clubs in Barcelona and are all unique with something special to offer. If you’re not sure which venue is right for you just give us a call and we will answer any questions and help to steer you in the right direction.

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Why we are?


 We are Barcelona’s night life experts.Our experts are ready to help you to give you guideline to enjoy top night club in town.Here you gonna get all those services.

Official club transport for free of cost.

Collaboration with all the quality strip clubs in Barcelona.

Variation of different types of clubs the way you want actually.

Discount for entrance.

Provide VIP services with table and bottle.

Your Money Our Quality service. We make sure you you going to have a wonderful time.

Work with all renowned clubs that’s make sure you are not gonna robbed or overcharged you secure all the time.

Inside the club friendly environment that you gonna spend good time the way you want.

A group of girls from different different countries.

Finally you will have a unforgettable time with best services.

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It's All About Strip Clubs Barcelona

Many years ago, stepping into a strip club may be considered a taboo, but that has changed. Today, a young man can explore the depth of his sexuality by visiting one of the many strip clubs in the city either alone or as part of a group for stag party Barcelona.
Walking through the door of Barcelona strip clubs is like stepping into a new world where nudity is legal. You will meet the hottest girls from that city and beyond shaking their bodies in ways that will get you to ecstasy within a short time. You will also be treated to the coolest drinks to guarantee a memorable night for you and your friends.
With the increasing number of strip clubs parading themselves as the best strip club Barcelona, it is becoming difficult, especially for someone visiting the city for the first time, to know which of them is worth their time and money.

At Strip Clubs Barcelona (SB), we are here to help you to find the best strip clubs in the city for you and your friends. Our utmost concern is to make sure that you have a memorable night devoid of the hassles of planning involved in planning for a party. What sets us a thousand miles apart from others offering similar services is that we work with only the best strip club Barcelona. We work closely with phenomenal strip club Barcelona like Bacarra, Dollhouse, Sala Bagdad, and many more to bring you exclusive services that may not be previously available to premium strip clubs in Barcelona. For example, premium strip clubs do not allow women to enter, but we have devised a way to get ladies in, including the couple.

Bacarra strip club has the reputation of being one of the best gentleman’s clubs in Europe. The luxury interior and facilities combined with the best strip dancers will make you lose track of time or wish the night never end. Having a bad night in this club is nearly impossible since you can watch the cuties from a distance or have them dance on your laps for a tip.
Sala Bagdad is by far the largest strip club in Barcelona characterized by a hyper-sexualized environment for stimulation and relaxation. Services like the lesbian show and porn shows are almost exclusively offered by this strip club. These clubs are fun and always graced by the right type of audience. The bars are also always fully stocked to make sure the guys are in the best mood for the night.

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With many years of experience, we know exactly how to help your stag party Barcelona live up to the expectation. We will help you to get the stunning beauties in some of the highly-rated strip clubs to attend your stag party. These baby dolls will thrill you and your guests with erotic moves, pole dance, lap dance, striptease, body sushi and a whole lot of other personalized services so that you and your friends will have a wild and unforgettable night.
We are constantly working to expand the number of strip clubs on our list without undermining our standards. The main reason why you should choose us is that we do not only suggest the best Barcelona strip club; we will get you there for free.

Our services at Strip Club Barcelona include picking you and your friends from any part of the city, dropping you off on the door of the strip club of your choice and getting you in so that you will not have to stay on the queue.
When you book with us, we will make sure that you don’t get overcharged. We add value to every penny of your money invested in us. Besides the free pickup, our services also include free drink to get you ready for a long night of fun.
We have simplified our booking process to make it more customer-friendly. Just give us a call, and we will be there to take you to the world of freedom where you will be entertained by the hottest strippers from Barcelona and around the world. Your happiness is our top priority that is why we guarantee you access only to the best strip clubs in the city.